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From cuts, designs to precious and semi-precious stones, Italian Gold Jewelery, we pay focus on every detail so that our Jewelery amazes buyers...


For an item like jewellery, one needs a good amount as investment. But before making this investment, one must ensure that the jewellery is made using pure gold or diamond and is shaped perfectly. Giving this surety to customers is Jain Casting, a company started by Mr. Brij Bhushan Jain who takes benefiting customers as his responsibility which is why he motivates employees to bring forth designer jewellery, all made using authentic material. We are the manufacturer of Swarovski gold jewellery, Pure Diamond Jewellery, Diamond Necklace Set, plain casting jewellery, diamond ghats, and diamond jewellery on order. We are in this field of casting jewellery manufacturing since 2000 (18 years). We provide casting jewellery at cheap rate with good finishing as we have Yasui K3S casting machine. We have ready stock of 75.5 signity (LR, GR, SP, PS, TOPS, NC, MURTI) and 92 plain (LRP, GRP, TURKEY LIGHT WEIGHT RINGS).

Over the years, our clients list has only increased and that's because we fulfill what we commit, be it making the design which customers wants or doing delivery of that piece on the time promised.

Customers would find at our company all patterns and sorts of jewellery for almost all occasions, from wedding to baby shower ceremony, diwali and more. Our collection is appreciated by customers across India because it is so finely made. We leave no stone unturned in bringing forth unique design every time, also we custom-make offerings as per the specifications provided by clients.


We are an experienced company skilled at giving to customers nothing below perfection in the form of intricately designed Signatory Stone Jewellery, Sprankel Stone Jewellery, Pure Diamond Jewellery, Diamond Necklace Set, Fancy Gold Jewellery, Pure Gold Jewellery, Diamond Necklace Set and other jewellery. For making jewellery, we use best in quality gold, diamond and precious stones. For shaping and designing jewellery well, we use advanced machinery and maintain it from time-to-time to avoid hassles at work.

Reasons To Choose Us

  • Network- We have a sound network for supplying and trading jewellery in many Indian markets. We make sure that jewellery is delivered in a safe and secure manner.
  • Quality Assurance- We provide jewellery to customers after ensuring that they are perfectly shaped and designed. Each and every piece of jewellery is well-tested by our experts using quality checking equipment.
  • Variety- We try our best to make customers happy. One of the steps that we take to impress our clients is production of variety. Yes, we produce Signatory Stone Jewellery, Sprankel Stone Jewellery, etc., in wide variety. So, customers as per their need and the amount they want to invest in can choose from our collection.